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Winter Summer



If the wind is blowing, it certainly should be used! We take the board with sail and go to the lake!

We have everything to learn to sail windsurfing:

  • Appropriate equipment, boards and sails
  • Wetsuits and warm sauna, if by cold
  • Always in good company ...

The instructor, who will control and issue inventory, professionally trained and will help you with advice:

  • Beginners
  • Riders with experience


  • During the season there are regular windsurfing trainings
  • Windsurfing equipment is designed for driving on the spot and take-away
  • Have the opportunity to test and buy different models windsurfing boards and sails



If blowing strong enough and correct wind direction, we can learn to ride a kite!

We have everything to learn how to manage the kite, and then run on the water with kiteboard:

  • Appropriate inventory
  • Wetsuits
  • Always in good company...

Instructor with a lot of experience, which perfectly masters his case:

  • Theory, exercises, practical lessons for beginners
  • Tips riders with more experience
  • Guarantee the maximum possible score

We take into account:

  • kitesurfing lessons and training takes place only when the wind blows with enough power and great from the right side
  • kitesurfing equipment can be hired to take away only those riders who proved that it is able to deal with it

If we are to learn the kite, we can use it as traction and ride:

  • In autumn, when the water is already cold and snow has not yet fallen, along the beach with Mountainboard;
  • Winter on the frozen lake with ice skates, skis or snowboards;
  • Summer on the water with kiteboard!

We offer to purchase new and used kites and kite boards!